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This is Ron with your Motivational Message,

“Mr. Heagy you have qualified for an upgrade since 2012” She said with a smirk.

I waited for 20 years and the technology has finally arrived. A truly voice activated cell phone. The IPhone 6s, can be operated without a single touch and the technology is amazing. I speak, she listens. It’s incredibly accurate. I have upgraded from being a smart person to a smart phone. It is remarkable how addicting the phones can be and how easy it is to text and never talk. Now that I have an Iphone 6s I don’t have the excuse of not texting.

Would you agree that verbal communication is important? The youth of today need to be educated on these skills, technology and social media-should not take place of verbal communication. The presence of a person coupled with nonverbal communication, reflection/deflection in the voice, empathy, and connection, is all nearly lost!

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I recently spoke to an 8th grade class of 200 students. As I was speaking I was impressed by the response of the audience. One young man said “I will never forget your speech, it was like you were talking directly to me. “ Your speech made me cry,” said another female student The principal was impressed and thanked me for the speech. The principal informed me it was the way I engaged them during my speech. The young people will remember my face, that moment, and my life. The way they felt will change their lives. The students couldn’t figure out how I knew so much about them. They had no clue how their nonverbal communication, facial expressions, and body language spoke to me. My school assemblies demonstrate the importance of communication skills, engaging, reflecting and responding in the presence of another.

Verbal communication is becoming a thing of the past, but it is still very important.

Therefore I will continue to speak and deliver school presentations. It’s been a while since I have asked for your support in making sure that I continue keeping my wheels on the road. Would you consider financially supporting my next speech? Simply making s donation online, through PayPal or you can Please click here You can also mail your donations to PO BOX 972 Albany, OR 97321

Even $5 a month would make a difference!

To your inspirations,

Ron Heagy Jr.

The Design of The Roll On Ranch Camp

This is Ron with your Motivational Message,

Each building will represent a different culture of the early history of Hawaii. Five buildings would move outwards from the center in the shape of a plumeria flower. There will be a connection locally with the schools and their agricultural departments. Kids will get a great opportunity to explore gardening and possibly bring back so indigenous fruits and vegetables plants. There will be trails, raised gardens, and flower beds for kids to reach the soil from their wheelchairs. Trails will be leading down to the ocean, into the neighboring cultural reserve, and up into the backside of the Volcano. A stream runs down alongside the camp that will be shaded and easy to get to. Each camper will learn art and other crafts from the old ways. Kids will be painting on a stretched bamboo, or working with palm branches to build hats and other articles from Hawaiian Culture. In the camp we will build a beautiful raised area for sunsets to be viewed from wheelchairs. An amphitheater will be constructed for concerts, music, and expressive art where anyone can enter on different levels, including wheelchair users. There will also be horseback riding and a zip line!

The sky is the limit!

We are Walking and Rolling Today September 24th, 2015 4:30PM at the Maui Parade! Here’s our Banner Maui Parade Banner.2.4

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