This is Ron with your motivational message,

When I was a kid my first real job that actually paid more than an allowance was to hop on a bus at 6:30am to head to Oregon’s finest strawberry fields. When we arrived it was literally strawberry fields forever.

Our job- to fill crates full of ripe, red, juicy, and incredibly sweet strawberries. I was determined and dedicated to turn this freshly picked fruit into fists full of cash. My imagination and entrepreneurial side visualized 20 crates at a dollar a piece. I had seven hours and boy did I get into a good patch, I had both hands going, and I was picking faster than anyone else across the field. Within the first hour I had picked three crates. The second hour two more, and the third hour two more and I was quickly reaching my goal.

And then it happened..

How could such a small mistake end my motivation and extinguish my enthusiasm?

I came upon the biggest, brilliant, deep red, succulent strawberry. It was actually two that were stuck together, like Siamese twins there sides were completely joined. I slowly picked it and held it to the sun, watched the reflection, and gazed upon its seeds placed so perfectly.I looked around, waited for a moment and then temptation over took me. It was so inviting, my mouth literally watered- I had to eat this strawberry. I slowly put it in my mouth and when I bit down the juice was heavenly, it was the best. The closest I’ve gotten to a nature high.

The rule was simple: do not eat the strawberries.

I vigorously began to panic but only for a few minutes, and it happened again. I couldn’t get the taste out of my mind and I ate strawberries for hours. I averaged 1 half crate as I ate for the next 4 hours. I was addicted, an addict I couldn’t get enough, and I needed help overcoming my weakness. That day ended with only 7 crates total, could it be that I ate 13 dollars in profit. Fortunately with much council, and discussion with my mother who also loved strawberries. I went to work a changed man.

The secret: Don’t eat a single berry, until the last five minutes of your day.

Sometimes in life, things, people, stuff is so enticing, we see it, we want it, we experience, and later addiction- we can’t stop. One is never satisfying, for example my are perfectly good cell phone is replaced by faster, sleeker, technological IPhone 6s plus. The pretty little Mai Tai Drink turns into drunk. The need for speed results in a crash. I have been challenged lately to ask myself a question, do I really need this strawberry? Or do I want it because it’s soooo appealing? Would you join me in creating a strategy? Denying yourself something you don’t need. Maybe giving someone a hamburger and French fry that needs rather than buying myself a five dollar latte.

Here’s the ten cent remedy:

D- Be Determined I-Imagine the end result M- Don’t let others/things destroy your Motivation E- Remembering Indulgence destroys our overall Enthusiasm for life.

Now that I’ve told you what not to do, here is my recent Mouthpainting.

ron straw.



I don’t recommend eating a big bunch of un-rinsed fertilized berries. My mom didn’t know why I was throwing up so much red bile, and thought i was bleeding. It scared us both and I became almost strawberry sober.

To your inspirations,

Ron ron strawberries

Watch out!! Dad!!

This is Ron Heagy with your motivational message,

On Christmas Eve I was totally excited to take my family on a new Christmas Adventure when the unexpected happened..

2015 has come and gone. For the most part I had a really good year. My daughters Gracie 11 years old and Roni 16 years old and I had a wonderful Christmas. One of our highlights was a trip to the Oregon Gardens. Oregon finest plants and boldest flowers placed in midst of majestic mountains. They feature a most spectacular Christmas light display. In one of nature’s most beautiful places you can walk trails and stop at the fire pits along the way to warm up. Gracie’s favorite part was the ice skating rink at the end of the trail.

When we arrived we were blessed with the last wheelchair accessible parking spot. I nudged my chin control wheelchair out of the van and on to the slippery pavement. It was very cold, and had started raining. I had my caregiver Alanna wrap my scarf around my head tightly. Feeling semi warm and extremely excited I yelled, “Let’s go girls.” I am of course the dad and I plowed forward into the lead. I felt confident in my trailblazing skills.

As I heading down the sidewalk leading straight into the gardens I suddenly felt my wheelchair launch-I was airborne. I was completely caught off guard, and blame the rain and dark pavement. But the truth is I had driven myself right off an 8 inch curb with my snoopy scarf blowing in the wind. roni and Ron It happened so fast, there was nothing I could do. The front of my chair began to dive in a downward direction. I could hear my girls with fear in their voices yelling daaaddddd. As I began my decent, the first thing to land was the front left wheel that inadvertently shot me in 180 degree direction to the right. I felt my body jerk against my chest strap which sent both of my hands flying upwards towards my face. As I was catapulting forward my face heading towards the ground. I thought it was time for the ‘Christmas lights’ to go out. But miraculously my chair flipped back and spun down flat on my wheels. Rocking back and forth from the impact, my body was sent into muscle spasms; arms and legs jerking uncontrollably. I sat there dazed for a few seconds, blood pumping through my veins full of adrenaline and not to mention complete embarrassment. I looked up at my daughters, and stated, “Who in the world put that there?” We laughed for a minute after realizing the close call.

What makes this story funnier is I had laughed at a friend doing the same thing a few years back. He went flying out of the doors of a building and he was mad and not paying attention so he went straight off the edge of the sidewalk. He was fine as well. Sitting there, unable to help him, I laughed and said. “You’ll never catch me doing that!”

Thank you Jesus for Christmas miracles. I was left upright instead of smashing my face into the pavement and sending me to the hospital for stitches.

2016 is here and like you I want each year to be a better year than the year before. Would you agree with me that the number 1 ingredient for making it our best year possible is to start with an attitude of gratitude? Join me in thinking a little more positive. Let’s turn the past losses into gains. I personally got to spend quality time with my daughters, family and friends. I am blessed, therefore I am extremely grateful. Although the problems, the paralysis, the painful past, doesn’t disappear as a human being we are given the unique ability to lift our heads up and see Christmas Miracles as they take place throughout the entire year.

As you think back on 2015, are there any miracles you can recall?

Tell your story. Someone is listening. You may be their inspiration.

To your inspirations,


Wheelchair on Ice

Christmas Memory

Reindeer love too